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North Side of First Street

This website contains the history of the commercial buildings in Langley, Washington. Click on each address below to go to a page with a detailed history and photographs. You can also click on the individual buildings in the map.

Address Description
#1) 400 First Street Inn at Langley (Howard Hotel)
#2) 314 First Street Music For The Eyes (Roderick McLeod House / Department Store / Artist Co-op)
#3) 308 First Street Soleil Gifts and Hellebore Glass Studio
#4) 306/302 First St. Kalypsos (Hotel Langley / Post Office / Laundromat / Antiques / Art Gallery / L Studio Modern)
#5) 230 First Street Dog House Tavern (Olympic Club / Langley Mercantile / Howard's Confectionary)
#6) 224 First Street Sprnklz (Palace of Sweets / Pool Hall / Barbershop / Ice Cream / Chocolate Flower Farm )
#7) 220 First Street Gregor Rare Books, Savory, John L. Scott, Savory, Counseling (Meat Market / Bakery / Antiques / Portico)
#8) 216 First Street John L. Scott Reality (Blacksmith Shop / Luhn Building)
#9) 214/212 First St. Sugerpill, Myken's (Livery Stable / Mercantile/ Old Soul Bazaar / Marcel)
#10) 210/208 First St. Waldon Lane / Wish (Plymouth-Desoto Dealership / Marcel)
#11) 206/204 First St. Foamy Wader / Ott & Hunter Wines and Lounge(Lenz Garage / Langley Garage / Gem Gallery)
#12) R. Smith Park commonly called "Boy and Dog Park"
#13) 110 First Street Village Pizzeria (Drugstore / Restaurant)
#14) Hladky Park commonly called "Whale Bell Park"
#15) Seawall Park (also named "Two Totems Park")