The Langley Historic Preservation Commission initiated this site as part of its mission to serve as a resource on Langley's history for the City Council and community.

Langley Historic Preservation Commission current members (as of March, 2021):

Previous members who participated: Original web site developers: Initial web site maintenance: Continuing web site maintenance: Please contact any member of the Langley Historic Preservation Commission with any corrections or additional historic stories for each of the buildings on this site.

Key Resources:

Lorna Cherry. South Whidbey and it's People, Vols. 1-3. South Whidbey Historical Society. 1983-1986.

William A. McGinnis. The Langleyites of Whidbey Island 1899 - 1921. Printed in Willis, California. 1986.

Robert E. Waterman and Frances L. Wood. Langley. Arcadia Publishing, Charleston, South Carolina. 2012.