308 First Street

Soleil & Hellebore Glass

1987: Building built

Circa 1987. 308 First Street (center) between the Jones' Department Store and Childers/Proctor Gallery (Courtesy Brian McKenna).
2016. Soleil (left) and Hellebore Glass (right) (Courtesy Robert Waterman).

A vacant lot just east of the Jones' Department Store (left) was purchased from Ernest Noble in December 1986 by two sisters, Rona and Susan Ishikawa. Construction on the existing building was started in April 1987. Soon after completion, the first two businesses opened, Soleil (a gift store, owned and operated by Susan and Rona) and Hellebore Glass Studio (owned and operated by Rona and George Springer).Years later, George opened Whidbey Island Moped in the back space of the building.


2016. Whidbey Island Moped rental sign (Courtesy Robert Waterman).