CMA Church and Sunday School

832 and 834 Saratoga Road

1939: Church of Christian Fellowship

1939. Original Church of Christian Fellowship on Saratoga Road (Courtesy Ethel Simmons).

Lyle Peterson, an evangelist, came to Langley with his wife and 2 children some time prior to 1938 and served as an interim pastor at the Methodist Church for a few months. When he refused to take the required course to become a Methodist minister, the congregation split and some members joined the Petersons to form the Church of Christian Fellowship.

Land and a building on Saratoga Road were purchased for $1 from Elta DeBruyn in 1938, and church services began in 1939. Mr. Peterson died in 1941.

A two-story building was built next door to the church in 1945/1946 to serve as a place to hold Sunday School classes.

Circa 1900. Initial Coe house (Courtesy Maureen Duryee.

1965. CMA Church (Courtesy Ethel Simmons).

The church moved to new quarters at the corner of 5th (currently 6th) Street and Cascade Avenue in 1966.

The CMA Church sold the buildings on Saratoga Road to Virginia and David Hornor on November 1, 1970. David, a photographer, initially used the former church building as an art studio.

When they divorced in 1979, David Hornor quit-claimed his share, conveying it to Virginia Hornor. Sometime after their divorce Virginia moved into the smaller building and rented the former Sunday School building to Rob Robison and Connie Tuerik.

Separate house numbers were given to the properties in the 1980’s, and the chimney on the CMA church building was moved to the opposite side of the building at some point.

Virginia Horner sold the properties to Brenda A. Hartman in 2006. Both buildings were remodeled by Brenda and her husband Rich Frishman in 2006 and currently serve as rentals.

2006. Former CMA church (L) and Sunday School building (R) (Courtesy Rich Frishman).

2021. 834 and 832 Saratoga Road (Courtesy Robert Waterman).