221 Second Street Suite #8

Sea Glass Cove (Island Travel / Brenda Hartman / Chic Debris / Through the Reading Glass / Main Street / South Whidbey Record / Art Now-Sip'n Paint)

1992: Island Travel

2004. Island Travel (Courtesy Robert Waterman).

Mike Dicus, a local contractor, built this building for Janet Ploof and Jane Grebil Chervenell to house their "Island Travel" business. When Island travel closed in 2008, a number of businesses occupied the space for relatively brief periods.

Brenda Hartman repainted the space and opened her "Lead a Prosperous Life" office there for 1 year (2009 to 2010).

It was then occupied by "Chic Debris," home to an ensemble of local artists offering "creative surprises, affordably priced, and not the least bit shabby, yet, delightfully chic!" (Sharon Heath).

2012. Chic Debris (Courtesy Robert Waterman).

The Langley Main Street Association and South Whidbey Record offices shared the space in 2013.

2013. South Whidbey Record and Langley Main Street Association (Courtesy Robert Waterman).

"Through The Reading Glass" Book Store was there briefly in 2014 - 2015.

2015: Through the Reading Glass book store sign (Courtesy Robert Waterman).

Through the Reading Glass was replaced by Art Now Studio and Sip'n Paint Events before it closed in 2018.

2017: Art Now Studio (Courtesy Robert Waterman).

2018. Art Now Studio, Sip'n Paint Events (Courtesy Robert Waterman).

2018: Sea Glass Cove

The Art Now Studio was replaced by Sea Glass Cove in the summer of 2018.

2018. Sea Glass Cove (Courtesy Robert Waterman).