221 Second Street (Suite #7)

Half Moon Yoga Studio & Suncrest (HMH Management / Jasper's / Just B Salon / Flooring / Vigor / CRU Strategies)

2004: Just B Salon & HMH Management

2004. Just B Salon (Courtesy Robert Waterman).

John Mott built the building and had his HMH Management office there. Jasper's, a men's clothing store, occupied space on the ground floor of this three-story building.

Jasper's was followed by "Just B Salon," then Jensen's Flooring Coverings was there for a year or so. Vigor, boat builders and partners with Nichol's Brothers, had an office there for a short time.

2011: Half Moon Yoga & CRU Mining, Metals, Fertilizers

2013. CRU and Half Moon Yoga Studio (Courtesy Robert Waterman).

2018. Half Moon Yoga and Sun Crest (Courtesy Robert Waterman).

Suncrest hydroponic technologies replaced CRU.