221 Second Street (Suite #5)

Mainspring (Whidbey Island Bank / Robert Taylor)

1992: Altair Studio

Waterman Enterprises, Inc. built the building 1992 and rented it to "Altair Studio" (Al Tennant and Marianne Brabanski) for one year. The building was initially constructed with two spaces on the ground floor (Suites #4 and #5) and a residence above. The ground floor was later converted into a single space (Suite #5), and Suite #4 was eliminated.

1993: Whidbey Island Bank

2004. Whidbey Island Bank (Courtesy Robert Waterman).

Whidbey Island Bank rented the building in 1993 before purchasing the property in December, 2003.

2013: Raymond James

2013. Raymond James Financial Planning Services (Courtesy Robert Waterman).

The Whidbey Island Bank moved to First Street in 2013, and was replaced by Robert Taylor's office of Raymond James Financial Planning Services.

2015: Mainspring Wealth Advisors

2018. Mainspring Wealth Advisors (Courtesy Robert Waterman).

Mainspring Wealth Advisors merged with Robert Taylor's office in January, 2015.

2018. Mainspring sign (Courtesy Robert Waterman).