221 Second Street (Suite #3)

Food Market Designs (Philips, Chiropractor)

1984: Building constructed

1984. Robert Sleight Chiropractor (arrow)(Courtesy Delores Cobb).

Robert Francis Sleight, DC opened the "Village Chiropractic Center" in the building. This was the second building in what would become the "Langley Village" complex. Mark Riomondo, DC followed Robert Sleight before moving from Langley.

2015: Phillips Enterprises

2017. Phillips Enterprises (Courtesy Robert Waterman).

Dan and Tim Phillips opened a Langley office of Phillips Enterprises in July, 2015.

According to Grace Swanson, "The company designs each grocery store from the ground up and helps clients customize all aspects of their store from the refrigeration racks to the size of the ladle spoons."

"For nine months, the Phillips brothers commuted from Whidbey Island three days a week to their office in Bellevue. Dan Phillips caught the 5:30 ferry so he wouldn't be stuck in rush hour traffic. He tried to leave by 2 pm, but he often left late and caught the 8 pm ferry; he didn't see his children on those days."

New "Food Market Designs" signage was added in 2019.

2019. Food Market Designs sign (Courtesy Robert Waterman).