221 Second Street (Suites 15A and 15B)

Massage and Dig It Tattoo (Acupuncture / Tea Room / Soap Company / Hair Artistry)

Suite 15A

1992: Acupuncture

Julie Keegan practiced acupuncture in Suite 15A from the summer of 1992 to January 1994, followed by Christine DuPree and Erica Kardley acupuncture before Madhu Matson Hudziak started her massage business in 2003.

2003: Massage by Madhu

2018. Path to Massage by Madhu (Courtesy Robert Waterman).

The name madhu (pronounced "maw doo") means "sweet honey." Mahu lived upstairs from 2009 to 2012.

2018. Door to Massage by Madhu (Courtesy Robert Waterman).

Suite #15B

1996: Langley Tea Room

One of the first tenants in Suite 15B in this building was a Tea Shop. "One of the newest shops is the Langley Tea Room, which serves traditional tea with all the trimmings and sells teapots, place settings, accessories and special teas." (Everett Herald, April 6, 1996). The Tea shop later moved to Anthes Avenue.

2001: Whidbey Island Soap Company

2004. Whidbey Island Soap Company sign (Courtesy Robert Waterman).

Kim Tiller and her son David opened Whidbey Island Soap Company in the building in 2001 before moving to First Street. Myken's Pet Shop briefly occupied the space before they, too, moved to First Street. Rebecca Paffrath's "Beck's Hair Artistry" followed Myken's Pet Shop.

2013. Beck's Hair Artistry (Courtesy Robert Waterman).

2014: Dig it Tattoo

2018. Dig It Tattoo (Courtesy Robert Waterman).

After Beck Hair Artistry moved out, Eric Tunnell moved his Dig It Tattoo business from next door into this larger space.

2018. Dig It Tattoo sign (Courtesy Robert Waterman).